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for composites manufacturers

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About us


Skilled technicians and engineers are key in any manufacturing entreprise, but the artisanal nature of composites processes  makes individual skills critical to quality and efficiency in composites production. Every composites manufacturing  company needs well trained technical people with a passion for composites. That's what I provide: customized, focused, in-depth, relevant training in high-tech composites processes.


  • We are once again offering a series of one-week summer courses in beautiful Maine.  Besides the usual Intro to Composites  and Vacuum Resin Infusion  there is a new course: Carbon Fiber and high tech core materials, processed with infusion and prepregs.  

  • Course dates will be finalized by March 15, 2017. But we'd like to hear from you with your preferences before that!


Setting up and aerospace training center, including developing curriculum and designing a lab, for SAFRAN's new carbon composites plant in NH was a tall order... with a timeline of less than a year. But the plant is now turning out carbon fiber blades and fan cases for the BOEING 737 MAX and AIRBUS 320 neo


Hodgdon Yachts built beautiful wooden boats when I started their transition training to high tech composites in 2005. They built the carbon fiber Mako for the Navy as their first project. They have continued to build carbon composites vessels, recently adding  Commanche to their portfolio.

OK, there really is no composites Guru but since 1986 I have designed and executed training programs for small, medium and large companies and Government organisations. My clients include GE, SAFRAN, Delta Marine, Owens Corning, LM Windpower, Cheoy Lee, Abaris, Hodgdon Yachts, Composites One, Mc Mullen & Wing, CCP, IBBI, ABA, ... to name a few. In addition, there are the hundreds of small companies and talented individuals  who I met through my courses in boat building, industrial, aerospace and wind composites. Many of them have become good friends, and I am proud of and humbled by their comments in the ABOUT section on this site. Take a look! And as for that Guru thing, you can blame it on my friends teasing me with that nickname, the trade picking it up and making stick.

Student engagement is central in my training approach. Learning has to be focused, intense, fun and challenging  without compromise. Over the years I have trained thousands of technicians, engineers and middle-management individuals through my seminars, demos, intensive short hands-on courses and certificate courses. For each of my clients I have individualized the course content and format to provide them with skilled technicians.